These Images by Becca Clason Use Vegetable to Write Organic Phrases

 - Nov 4, 2015
References: beccaclason & designtaxi
Salt Lake City-based lettering artist Becca Clason created these stunning typographic images using real ingredients to spell out food-related words. The artist is able to transform edible condiments and diced vegetable into intricate phrases.

These poster-like images use real foods to create mouthwatering images. For example, Becca Clason wrote the phrase "Taco Taco" using actual taco ingredients. After slicing and dicing traditional taco toppings such as tomatoes and shredded cheese, she spelled out each letter using a different food. The "A" was ever sculpted out of guacamole and the "O" was made from two curved taco shells with their spines facing one another.

This unique art project allows the viewer to visualize each food using simple ingredients. The colorful images bring a fresh perspective to each dish, while highlighting the artist's unique creativity and twist on the term "playing with your food."