The Battleview 360 Lets Tank Crews See Through Their Vehicle

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: baesystems & gizmag
BattleView 360 is a high-tech new military technology system, designed by BAE Systems, that aims to solve one of the biggest problems with tank warfare -- the compromised visibility. Tanks offer a lot of advantages to their occupants, but they also make it difficult to get a good visual gauge on what's happening around you.

The BattleView 360 technology solves this by allowing tank crews to see through the metal that shields them from the outside world. This allows for a high level combat awareness and preparedness for crew.

The end result is that tank occupants can better determine their enemies' field of view. The system is also capable of displaying the position of friendly units, helping to prevent friendly fire. Vehicle routes can also be plotted more efficiently, leading to better positioning and performance.