The Baron Fig Mastermind Notebook Fits Underneath One's Keyboard

 - Sep 6, 2017
References: baronfig & producthunt
Virtually every person in the workforce uses a computer today, but the Baron Fig Mastermind notebook is a solid addition to one's technological setup. The notebook is explicitly designed to augment one's digital workflow, helping to jot down old-fashioned thoughts without messing up one's neat deskspace.

The Baron Fig Mastermind notepad is a perfect addition to one's desk because of how seamlessly it blends in. The low-profile pad is specifically designed to slip below the standard Mac keyboard, making it easy to keep out on one's desk at all times without eating up valuable desk real estate. It allows workers to easily flit between writing on their keyboard and writing on the pad, and when a single page is full, it easily tears away to reveal another fresh sheet underneath the last.