The Barclaycard Payment Service Lets Diners Eat and Then Leave

 - Feb 28, 2018
References: finextra & engadget
A new Barclaycard payment service is being tested and could be the end of waiting for a bill at a restaurant. The new service is called 'Dine & Dash,' but this does not mean skipping out on a tab—instead users will register when they sit down at a table and will be automatically billed when they leave.

Users looking to take advantage of this service will find it quite easy, as everything can be done through the Dine & Dash app. Once users have the app, all they have to do is tap their phone on the Dine & Dash device at their table when they arrive. Users would then order and eat as usual, and once finished, they are free to get up and leave. The Dine & Dash app would register that the diner has left the restaurant and will close the bill based on the payment option loaded into the app.

The new Barclaycard payment service also makes splitting the bill a breeze and even allows users to tip and apply a discount code. The Dine & Dash Barclaycard payment service is currently undergoing a trial run at the St. Martins Lane Prezzo restaurant in Central London.