Barbon is an Elegant New Range of Mens Grooming Products

 - Jan 21, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
Barbon is a new range under the brand name Caola that includes five elegantly packaged men's grooming products. Boasting sleek box packaging that has a marble pattern, each product is differentiated by a 1-5 number and a pastel hue in what is a clear extension of the progression toward clinical, pharmaceutical inspired skincare branding.

The elegant Barbon set includes a pre-shave treatment, a protective skin foam, after-shave, a nourishing care cream for the skin and a styling wax. The linear packaging concept unifies the line and makes it seem like a selection to be collected rather than selected between.

Barbon succeeds in creating a packaging concept that appears elegant, scientific and modern, all three of which are themes key observed in marketing mens skincare solutions.