The Banamex/CDC Erase the Difference Campaign Addresses Mexico's Dilemma

 - May 14, 2014
References: publicis-mexico & adeevee
The prevalence of Photoshop in modern society will undoubtedly make people skeptical of the Banamex/CDC Erase the Difference ad campaign. The images are so shocking, how could they not have been manipulated in some shape or form? Yet the campaign assures viewers that "this image has not been modified. It's time to change that."

Conceived and executed by Publicis, an ad agency based in Mexico City, Mexico, the Banamex/CDC Erase the Difference ad campaign encourages people to help dispel the wealth disparity in the country. Powerfully shot by photographer Oscar Ruíz, it depicts the stark line between the wealthy and the impoverished. The aerial images show that the dichotomy between the two are not exaggerated in the least. The contrast is almost unbelievable.