Marmite and Buckley's Bad Taste in Advertising

 - Sep 6, 2008
References: brandrepublic
Marmite and Buckley’s Mixture apparently have a really foul taste. I'm way out of my league here and should give the option to write this article up to my Canadian bud Bianca or my British bud Cowbag, but I’m selfish...

Both products have embraced their reputation for having a distinctive taste. DDB London, the ad agency for Marmite Snacks has created posters that drive the foul point home. The point: you either love them or hate them.

But Marmite is not the first. For nearly a decade, Buckley’s Mixture, a cough syrup, has run with the slogan, "It tastes awful but it works."

The video shows a rare taste test between Spring Break Hot Tub Water and Buckley’s Mixture.