From Alcohol Saturated Sweets to Guinness Flavored Marmite

 - Jun 20, 2012
Enjoy your favorite Irish brew in a variety of unusual representations with these uncommon Guinness goodies. This popular Irish beer, which is one of the most successful beer brands worldwide, is available in an assortment of quirky and unique flavors. Much to the upset of beer connoisseurs a few of these goodies are not meant to be consumed, but are instead intended to be enjoyed in other ways. You'll be free to bask in Guinness-inspired creations in the bathtub, on your breakfast toast and during dessert and baking times. Guinness will never be too far out-of-sight with these uncommon Guinness goodies under your belt and happily digesting in your stomach.

These goodies pay homage to a true Irish beer with a true Irish heritage. Although you may not be able to pour some of these creations into a stein, you can still enjoy their historic significance.