From Extravagant Fast Food to Heartfelt Valentine Treats

 - Jan 8, 2012
Trade in your glass of bubbly for something more substantial with these champagne-spiked edibles. You'll feel like you've fallen into the lush lap of luxury once these champagne-accented morsels hit your tongue. Loaded with opulence and intrigue, these champagne swilling bites are sure to go right to your head.

From boozy cupcakes to diamond-shaped chocolates, champagne finds its way into the most sought after and luxurious tasty tidbits. For those who simply cannot get enough of the French bubbly beverage, these champagne-spiked edibles are sure to pique your interest. A fizzy and flirty addition to any dish, champagne brings a lush and interesting component to any flavor profile. The best part? This champagne won't go straight to your head.

Take a bite out of your favorite beverage and propose a toast to your palette.