Babybel Heads Are Made from the On-the-Go Cheese Snack Wrappers

 - Feb 19, 2013
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Creating entirely out of the tiny cheese snack wrappers, the Babybel Heads series is crafted using the waxy containers that the on-the-go bites come in.

If you ever received the little cheese bites in your lunch, then you likely remember shaping and moulding the wax remnants before tossing them out. The artist behind Babybel Heads did just that, but didn't throw the creations out at the end of the lunch period.

Shaped to resemble strange and obscure faces with goofy expressions, Babybel Heads is an interesting art form because it is made from garbage. It's taking that which is viewed as being useless after it's initial purpose is served and reusing it in unexpected ways. The sculpture set seems to comment on the social standards that we've set when it comes to disposability and packaging.