The Axor Stark V Funnels Water Out of the Pipes

 - Apr 19, 2014
References: hansgrohe & luxurylaunches
Sink faucets are a basic sight found in houses, but the 'Axor Stark V' brings mystery to washing. The water from this faucet spirals up and out of the pipes and down the spout. With a clear spout, you can watch the mystery this faucet offers.

The ' Axor Stark V' allows for water to funnel twice when you use the sink. Instead of sucking things down the 'Axor Stark V' works similar to a tornado that sucks everything up into the air. Unlike a tornado, this faucet gently lets the water flow down the spout.

For people who are looking to bring some style to a new washroom design, the 'Axor Stark V' is perfect. The futuristic design of the faucet will be the finishing touch on any modern washroom.