The Axe Morning After Pillow Fends Off Women the Morning After

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: facebook & adverblog
The Axe Morning After Pillow shows men how to fend off women after the night is over. I’m sure most of us have seen its typical ads where, once a man puts the Axe spray on, women voraciously go after him as if he were the last man on earth. However, as enticing as these men may be, the company never explains how to get rid of the girl the morning after, especially when considering that they may want to -- *gasp* -- cuddle with you!

The cheeky advertisement has created an inflatable pillow to solve this problem. The pillow has arms, chest hair and of course the Axe scent so that you can dupe the girl into thinking you are still there. Even better, there are various pillow models, which range from skinny to hairy so that you can really make it believable.

The Axe Morning After pillow is a hilarious and cheeky advertising strategy to show men that they can "keep enjoying your freedom."