The Ad for 'Axe Boat' is a Contest to Chill in a Dirty Sea Vessel

 - Jun 21, 2010   Updated: Jun 16 2011
References: & adweek.blogs
Axe's commercials and advertisements typically include prepubescent-looking boys who spray themselves with iAxe body spray and then suddenly get all the hot girls.

Well, this commercial for the 'Axe Boat' is along the same line, but this time around, instead of selling a dream, Axe (with the help of the advertising agency BBH London) is promoting a contest for an actual party yacht -- the Axe Boat.

Implications - One of the best ways a brand can create a lasting impression on consumers is by investing in comedic advertising. By creating an ad campaign that consumers find funny, the brand embeds itself in the subconscious of the general public as a company that is playful and memorable.