These Avocado Chocolate Brownies are Made with Healthy Substitutions

 - Aug 8, 2016
References: healthyandpsyched & superfoodlx
Impress your friends with this avocado chocolate brownie recipe. It ticks all of the buzz word boxes -- it's vegan, gluten-free refined sugar-free and Paleo. But is still a good dose of food porn that tastes super chocolatey and indulgent and you'd never guess that this dessert is good for you.

In the unique brownie recipe, use avocado instead of eggs, apple sauce and coconut sugar instead of white sugar and almond flour instead of plain white flour.

Rachel, the recipe creator from Healthy & Psyched says: "This avocado chocolate brownie is the best recipe on my blog to date! ... My housemates loved it and said they had no idea it was healthy." She has since said in an interview that this recipe was so popular it crashed her blog.