This Ad from Avec Creativo Transforms into a Cute Penguin

 - Jul 7, 2013
References: & adsoftheworld
In order to increase the effectiveness of their flyers, Mexican ad agency Avec Creativo developed a series of cute penguin-shaped ads. The creative agency came up with the idea in an attempt to stop people from instantly dismissing and throwing away their flyers. By making the ads transform into an adorable penguin, Avec Creativo is increasing the chance that the flyer will actually be read.

The ad agency wanted to do something with flyers because of its tight budget constraints. Avec Creativo chose to model them after the agency mascot after looking for a way to be more memorable. The flyers are printed on a square sheet of paper that can be folded into an origami penguin. The ad's copy remains on the outside of the minimalist penguin so that the recipient can still read it.