Augmented Reality Brings the World of Pandora Home

 - Dec 19, 2009
References: avataritag & popwatch.ew
As the Avatar hype heats up with the debut of the movie this weekend, don’t be surprised if your kids are adding Mattel’s new line of Avatar toys to their wish list. 

In keeping with the high-tech caliber of the movie, the toys use augmented reality to bring the characters to life by re-creating the amazing world of Pandora on the computer screen. This is done via a 3D Web tag, called an i-TAG, which comes equipped on each toy creature or vehicle. Scanning the i-TAG at the avatar website will reveal a 3D image with content specific to the toy. If you purchase the Battle Pack collection, which comes with six i-TAG badges, you can have various 3-D models actually fight each other on your screen.

The toys have been available for pre-order since October, but will no doubt be in high demand after kids actually view the movie (and commercials). For a demo of how the Avatar toys work, click on the video above.