The 'AutoCompounder 3D' Prints Personalized All-in-One Pills

 - Dec 21, 2017
3D printing technology has made it possible for medical start-ups to explore the possibilities for creating personalized pharmaceutical pills for people, but the AutoCompounder 3D printer takes this concept a step further by amalgamating multiple pills into one.

Since many people have been prescribed a handful of different medications, many of which must be taken on strict schedules and organized in pill boxes, this printer has the potential to immensely simplify one's daily health routine.

The AutoCompounder is said to be able to create "poly-pills," which are combinations of multiple medications in a single capsule. On top of this, Vitae Industries' AutoCompounder 3D printer boasts the ability to produce printed pharmaceutical pills and gummies in about a third of the time that it takes for a pharmacist to fill a capsule by hand.