This Austrian Building is Shaped Like a Loaf Of Bread

Haus des Brotes -- German for 'House of Bread' -- is a highly appropriately named Austrian building designed by the Coop Himmleb(l)au firm for international baking brand Backaldrin.

The House of Bread features a unique bread-shaped exhibition space that was created by placing layered circles of laminated timber in place before sheathing the exterior with sturdy stainless steel shingles.

One of the most impressive features of this Austrian building project is the fact that it was constructed in a very short time. This was possible due to Coop Himmleb(l)au's use of 3D Computerized Numerical Control, which allows for maximum accuracy and speed at the same time.

House of Bread is an admirable project in that it is highly functional, aesthetically pleasing and an example of architectural branding.