The Auro SOHO by Make Architects Takes the Form of a Monstrous Arch

 - Aug 15, 2011
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Make Architects have designed this magnificent structure, called Aura SOHO, which will serve as both an office and retail building in Wanjing, China.

Located near the Beijing International Airport, Aura SOHO is designed in the form of a gigantic arch and almost mimics the silhouette of a chair -- its back is completely smooth and one side is indented and garnished with terraces and balconies that overlook gardens, courtyards and parks on the street level.

All of the offices within the Aura SOHO will be designed with terraces and sky gardens, allowing for greenery on every floor of the building. Further, it comprises a series of ribbonlike canopies made of aluminum that are used as panels and the rails of the terraces. These aluminum ribbons reflect surrounding colors, making the hues from the sky and landscape dance around the building.