Artist Violeta Hernandez Creates Stunning Caricatures

 - Jun 25, 2011
References: soyvioleta & sweet-station
Artist Violeta Hernandez is a young Mexican illustrator and graphic designer with an eye for creating colorful and detailed feminine caricatures.

As an artist, Violeta Hernandez is member of the new rising creative class youth from Monterrery, Mexico. Her style eschews the modern conventions of Photoshop and other computer based programs and places its emphasis on the traditional—colors, ink, and shades.

In this series of illustrations, Violeta Hernandez recreates a convincing Harajuku girl, complete with wild, luxurious effervescent hair and full sleeves of tattoos. Hernandez places the focus of the illustration on the Harajuku girls’ hair and tattoos, capturing the true spirit of the Japanese style mavens. Despite the lack of facial detail, her work humanizes the Harajuku girls in a way they rarely are. The detail in the tattooing and use of coloring make it clear that as an artist, Violeta Hernandez has some elements of graffiti and street art influence in her work.

Violeta Hernandez’ artwork was most recently exhibited at the Pristine Galerie "Muera el Perro" Group Exhibition, Monterrey, Mexico.

Implications - In recent years, street art and graffiti have moved from an oft-shunned artistic subculture into a respected and coveted genre in the artworld. A company interested in earning credibility as one that is on the forefront of contemporary pop culture and society would be wise to invest in advertising that features contributions from a member of the street art or graffiti community. By featuring the work, it shows the company is ahead of the curve and willing to take risks that other companies will not.