Arthur Alimguzin Focuses Exclusively on Individual Facial Attributes

 - May 26, 2012
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People are so used to seeing fully rendered faces that they take the technical skill required to illustrate individual organs for granted, which is exactly why Arthur Alimguzin focuses on facial attributes exclusively in his ‘Macrofragments’ series. In it, Alimguzin is only concerned with depicting a set of eyes and lush lips in as hyperreal a manner as he can, and he achieved that goal in handily. Details viewers should really look for to truly appreciate these images include the emulated texture of skin, the light reflecting off his subject’s eyelashes and everything found within the irises.

Arthur Alimguzin currently works out of Moscow, Russia. Though his portfolio is limited, each rendering demonstrates his capabilities at its concentrated peaks.His ability to capture detail is so thorough that it embarrasses digital SLRs.