The 'Around Dehumidifier' Saves Condensate for Watering Plants

 - Jan 25, 2018
References: yankodesign
Most people probably don't have dehumidifiers on their mind in the dead of winter, but if they do, the 'Around Dehumidifier' is a great option for brightening up one's space. The clever, environmentally friendly device lets people use the condensate collected in its reservoir for watering plants, helping to foster a healthy home.

With most dehumidifiers, the condensate (i.e. the water collected in the machine's reservoir) ends up going to waste, usually getting poured down the drain. While the water pulled from the air isn't likely to be potable for people, plants are far hardier when it comes to their water supply. The Around Dehumidifier's reservoir smoothly detaches from the machine, and it has a spout on the end which effectively turns it into a watering can for one's houseplants.