The Aroma Coffee Lid Enhances the Flavor and Smell of Your Morning Brew

 - Aug 6, 2011
References: mintcan & gizmag
Mint Urban Technologies is attempting to make your morning coffee taste better with its new Aroma Coffee Lid. The Aroma Coffee Lid is designed with a small aromatic layer that amplifies the strongest smells of your coffee to improve its flavor.

According to Mint Urban Technologies, most coffee loses its natural flavor as the steam from the coffee melts the plastic on the lid. This emits the faint smell of melting plastic, which is enough to overpower the natural fragrance of even the best coffees. While the Aroma Coffee Lid is still made out of plastic, its aromatic lid releases just the right amount of fragrance to counteract the melted plastic and preserve the coffee's natural fragrance. Mint Urban Technologies is currently offering its lids to retailers around the world in both a branded and unbranded form. Here's hoping that a certain global coffee retailer offering free Wi-Fi takes this company up on its offer.