The Arbynator Sandwich Combines Roast Beef, Curly Fries, and Cheese Sauce

 - Dec 28, 2017
References: chewboom
Burger King has the Baconator, and now Arby's has confirmed that it too has a monstrous, meat sandwich known as the Arbynator. Not for the faint of heart, the new sandwich features an intimidating combination of meat, cheese, and French fires.

Arby's Arbynator Sandwich is a mysterious new dish that is currently being tested in select markets across the US. The sandwich is available in three options, meaning customers can choose from the Classic, the Double, and the Half Pound versions. The burger itself consists of the chain's signature roast beef, topped with Arby’s sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, Horsey sauce, and a handful of curly fries. All of the toppings are served on a sesame seed bun to create one mouth-watering -- albeit messy -- sandwich.