Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva Imagines Art Surviving the World's End

 - Aug 2, 2014
References: & fastcodesign
Although it is undeniable that many great artworks have been lost over the centuries, this apocalyptic museum photography series suggests that even with those losses, art has managed to prevail. Withstanding natural disasters, conquering kings and more, art is a human relic that will most likely remain even after the world ends. Hence this particular surreal series.

Created by Ukranian artists Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva, the apocalyptic museum photography series imagines the Guggenheim teetering upon the side of a cliff, the New Museum standing like a glowing lighthouse over dark seas and the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum as a crash landed alien saucer. Titled 'Apocalypse In Art,' they ask, "The spirit of apocalypses holds sway over modern culture and is slowly infecting everything around us. How will this virus affect art? Will there still be a place for an art in society?"