The Antrax 'Android' Radiator Looks Like a Piece of Japanese Artwork

 - Sep 14, 2017
References: & homecrux
The shrinking size of the average home is pushing consumers to be far more discerning of the items they allow into their space, so brands are responding with artistic options for even essential items as seen with the Antrax 'Android' radiator.

Designed to look like a folded piece of origami paper, the radiator is the design work of Daniel Libeskind and can be incorporated into a space without looking like a household appliance. The radiator can be purchased in over 200 colors to ensure it's as customized and chic as desired.

The Antrax 'Android' radiator is crafted from 100% recyclable material and is powered by a system that uses minimal electricity and water to heat the home environment.