This Anti BOTOX Ad for 'LPG' Features Eerie Visuals

 - May 9, 2017
References: adweek
French company LPG wants women to know that there are non-invasive, natural alternatives to cosmetic surgery with its new anti-BOTOX ad.

Advertising heavyweight Buzzman in Paris has released a campaign for LPG that highlights the company's anti-cosmetic surgery stance in an eerie way. The anti BOTOX ad focuses on a woman whose face has been pumped to the max with fillers. Though the scene appears to be narrated at first, a wider shot of the frame reveals that the subject is actually using a ventriloquist dummy to communicate because she is unable to otherwise.

Buzzman executive creative director Georges Mohammed-Chérif says of the anti BOTOX ad, "Ironically, the ventriloquist doll represents the only way for this woman to convey any sort of physical emotion. She can’t speak properly, she can’t smile, all she can do is make the doll do it for her."