The Anoush Mortazavi Innowave is a Futuristic Design for the Kitchen

 - Aug 19, 2011
References: yankodesign
Anoush Mortazavi is attempting to clear the kitchen counter with the Innowave. The device is a microwave designed to save space by being mounted inside of the kitchen counter as opposed to on top of it.

Those with cramped kitchen counters know how difficult it is to find space for a bulky microwave. Innowave eliminates this problem by being built into the kitchen counter instead. When not in use, Innowave looks like a regular kitchen drawer, albeit a high-tech one with a touchscreen. When users need to heat up their food, one simply pulls the Innowave out and pops the top. The microwave is surprisingly deep and looks like it could easily hold double to what a normal microwave can handle.