Explains Why

Ridiculously adorable photoblog explores exactly what the title says: animals who need big kisses.

It is an awe-inducing look at different creatures of the world and explains to the audience exactly why these four-legged (or more) creatures are in need of affection.

Some of the excerpts about animals who need big kisses are as follows;

"Moose need kisses because they have done so much to express that they want to work with us – they even arranged to have premium, two-person seating sticking out of their heads – but we still rely on horses instead."

"Black Widows need kisses because they are like girls that no guys will go out with anymore because the word is out that they are crazy. The guys are all like "Ya, she’s nuts – I heard she ate her last three boyfriends. She has nice legs but the rest of her is huge and gross. Wait, we were talking about how she is crazy, why did I suddenly start talking about her appearance? Oh, right: Because if she was hot I wouldn’t care if she was crazy."