Andrey Gordeev Taxis You ‘Around the World in 12 Months'

 - Sep 21, 2009
Traveling around the world is a luxury for most, but just one glance at the work of Andrey Gordeev (specifically his ‘Around the World in 12 Months’ portfolio) and you’re on your way to witnessing unique cultures and globetrotting adventures. At least, in the back of various taxis.

Strangely enough, Andrey Gordeev is able to capture the essence of not only traveling, but the idea of visiting twelve countries in a year. What do I mean? Well, you really only get to see each city through a small window (figuratively, and here, literally). It’s always hard to truly ingest and digest everything a culture has to offer unless you decide to live there for an extended period of time. It seems as though Andrey Gordeev understands this fact, and is able not only to convey it in his work, but also to add a humorous twist to it all.