The Ancient Tree Forum Conserves and Preserves

In a world that has been riddled by the aftereffects of industrialization and a cultural emphasis on all that is new and shiny, the Ancient Tree Forum exists to protect and preserve the UK's veteran trees.

Like the giving tree in Shel Silverstein's perennially popular children's book, ancient trees are the epitome of selfless service. An ancient tree provides shelter, protection and sustenance for every living creature over centuries; it's no wonder that the Ancient Tree Forum environmentalists strive to protect these silent giants.

The Ancient Tree Forum has partnered with the Woodland Trust to raise awareness of the inherent value of old trees and ancient woodland. Among their current projects is one with the People's Trust for Endangered Species to create a national inventory of traditional orchards after statistics were released that indicate these orchards have declined by nearly 60% in the last 50 years.

The Woodland Trust and the Ancient Tree Forum have begun to purchase an 850-acre woodland creation site with donated funds, on which they'll plant trees to extend the current woodlands. If they are able to purchase the full parcel, it will be the first continuous native forest of its size in England. Unfortunately, they must complete the purchase on September 30.