This Amor y Amargo Cocktail is an Adult Version of the Jager Bomb

 - Oct 30, 2015
References: amoryamargony & gearpatrol
New York bar Amor y Amargo has a recipe for a grown-up take on that most classic of frat boy beverages: the Jager bomb.

Amor y Amargo (which means Love and Bitters in Spanish) serves a modern take on the Jager bomb called the Stag's Leap. It uses Jagermeister as its base, dressing it up with sweet vermouth, root beer bitters, seltzer water and orange peel. It's a more calmed down, sophisticated version of the cocktail so popular on college campuses.

Amor y Amargo makes a great move with this Jagermeister cocktail, playing on college nostalgia, but giving it an enjoyable, grown-up twist. Jagermeister as a company continues to thrive on its party-associated brand identity, but it would do well to also take a page out of Amor y Amargo's recipe book in order to keep up with its consumers as they age out of their college days.