The 'MiStand+' Aluminum Stand Can be Used in Retail and at Workstations

Traditional PCs and laptops are still the norm for many users, but many are shifting towards using tablets for work purposes which the 'MiStand+' aluminum stand helps to enable. Featuring a multi-axis design, the 'MiStand+' can be utilized with any kind of tablet and offer a fluid rotational experience for users. This is thanks to the magnetic ball joint that makes adjustments easy without affecting the usage of the unit itself.

The 'MiStand+' aluminum stand is ideal for utilization in retail environments as it allows POS systems to shift towards just utilizing a tablet instead of requiring a traditional till. Many smaller retailers like independent clothing stores and coffee shops have switched to utilizing tablets POSs for convenience sake, so the 'MiStand+' could help make them a more permanent and elegant fixture.