Tidal Energy Turns Ocean Waves Into A Power Source

 - Feb 23, 2009
References: altdotenergy
In the world of renewable energy, solar and wind have been the monarchs for decades, but now their reign maybe over. A new dog has entered the fight and it is definitely bringing the thunder. Tidal Energy is not new, but the use of it for generating electricity is new.

The tide of earth's oceans is one of the most consistent forces at play. Tidal energy is the fastest growing type of renewable energy due to its consistency and low environmental impact. The European Marine Energy Centre has been testing this technology for several years now and has several working "farms." The farm in Orkney, Scotland has been running for 4 years now and producing 750kw and will soon be placing 40 more tidal systems into this farm. Just think, all those beautiful waves we so love to play in will one day power all of our needs.