From Pizza Oven Grills to Caged Campfire Cookers

 - Jul 23, 2012
With both heat waves and good company rolling into backyards across the country, the heyday of summer can be enjoyed to the fullest extent with the help of a few sizzling barbecue designs.

The patio barbecue is a classic pastime of the sunny season, except now there are so many new ways to experience the event. With new innovations in barbecue design, one can grill steak and asparagus while gliding along in a BBQ-boat on the river or take the party to the park with their compact on-the-go grill. The retired BBQ host can easily get back into the game with the help of useful cookout accessories like heat-proof gloves or specially made tool-holding shirts. There are even options for the city-dweller who needs only a balcony or stovetop to take part of the summer event staple.