Weber Utility Shirt

 - May 28, 2008
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Just in time for Father's Day and the summer grilling season, Weber, the barbecue grill maker brings out this uniquely guy-centric innovation: the Utility Shirt. Based on the idea that “real men”, i.e., pickup truck driving, football watching, 6-pack drinking carnivores (is there any other kind?) wouldn't be caught dead wearing an apron in their own backyard, the Weber Utility Shirt aims to provide all of the pockets and features necessary to contain the tools and gadgetry a “real man” might require for the perfect cookout experience. It has under-arm ventilation to keep sweat to a minimum and even a place for the most important item: beer.

Sold through the online retailer, a series of quirky webvertisements feature a 7 year-old CEO named Dekko Mills introducing his Australian uncle Wazza, who extols the virtues of the Utility Shirt's many uses while taking cracks at apron-wearing men.

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