The Heat Shield Barbecue Tools Protect Knuckles from Burns

 - Apr 10, 2012
References: hammacher & gizmodo
The Heat Shield Barbecue Tools show how much of a difference a simple design tweak can make. While most grilling utensils have straight handles with no obstructions, these tools boast an additional stainless steel guard that protects hands from the heat of the barbecue and accidental flare-ups, mitigating any burns that might result from sloppy forms, distractions and more.

Shaped like a fencing sword, the Heat Shield Barbecue Tools are a fun alternative to traditional ones. As practical as the shield may be, these tools will inspire some playful duels in between flipping burgers and turning sausages. Each set includes a fork, spatula and tongs. The spatula also comes with a cooking thermometer that is hidden within its shaft.

In addition to the guards, the Heat Shield Barbecue Tools are ergonomic and good-looking.