- Mar 9, 2011
One of the best parts of the summer months is the quality time spent outdoors enjoying food grilled on barbecues. Turning up the heat up and throwing steaks, burgers and hot dogs on barbecues is all part of the quintessential summer party.

This list of brilliant barbecues ranges from green thumb grills to beastly barbecues. The grilling industry has become aware of the multiple types of consumers that enjoy the experience of roasting food.

These unique barbecues will definitely have you longing for patio season, where countless memories are made and succulent meats are enjoyed. How epic would it be to own a God-Grilla, where your barbecue is bigger than the person grilling the meat? Every single one of these barbecues will take you on a unique grilling experience.

From Green Thumb Grills to Beastly BBQs: