The Peter Bjorn and John 'All You Can Eat' Tour Feeds America

Free food and good music sound like the recipe for the perfect night, and that's exactly the premise of the Peter Bjorn and John 'All You Can Eat' tour. Pairing up with, the Swedish indie band is traveling across America, playing shows and offering free eats from all the best food trucks in major cities.

From coast to coast, concert attendees in San Francisco, L.A., Houston, Chicago, NYC, Miami and Washington, D.C. will have the opportunity to grab some grub on the band. Although this might not be the answer to world hunger, it is a step in the right direction towards raising awareness of poverty and hunger rates in the U.S.

I'd love to catch the 'All You Can Eat' tour at the band's Toronto stop in September 2011, and hopefully this idea catches on with other bands in the near future! In the meantime, check out the awesome food-filled poster for the tour.