An Alka Seltzer Ad Depicts Difficult to Digest Food Being Disintegrated

 - May 7, 2014
References: adsoftheworld
This tastefully simplistic Alka Seltzer ad clearly articulates the product's usage. While the effervescent antacids can be used to quell any form of stomach discomfort, whether it is food induced or not, these effective print ads focus on the food theme.

We've all eaten a cheeseburger we regretted, whether it was a fast food folly or an over-eating situation. The hamburger Alka Seltzer ad depicts a loaded burger being burst like a water balloon with a needle. About half the burger is still intact so you can clearly see what it is, while the other half resembles the effect Alka Seltzer tablets have when dropped in water. A similar ad depicts a whole roast chicken being popped and disintegrated.