The Alejandro Boloix 'El Tubo y el Plata' Series is Expressive

 - Mar 26, 2012
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Spanish artist Alejandro Boloix explores the atmosphere of the El Tubo neighborhood in Zaragoza, Spain in this etching-engraving series titled, 'El Tubo Y el Plata.' In this work, he focuses most closely on an important feature of El Tubo neighboorhood, the cabaret El Plata.

The series conveys an undeniable sense of texture and tangibility. This is no doubt due in part to the technique Alejandro Boloix uses, etching-engraving. Still, the visceral appeal of his work can also be credited to the artist's style, voice and subject; all of these aspects are very much in the expressionist tradition and so lend themselves well to a visceral experience.

Looking at the characters Alejandro Boloix populates El Tubo with, one gets a sense of their essential natures: furtive, worldly, somewhat debauched and certainly human. One can almost smell the cigarette smoke and taste the wine.