This Alcohol Carrier Was Designed with Physics in Mind

 - Nov 17, 2016
References: alessiasistori & packagingoftheworld
The 'Meerbier' collection of beers and their accompanying alcohol carrier was designed to ensure they are appealing and strong.

It was Alessia Sistori who designed the collection and her goal was to ensure eco-friendly production that still resulted in a highly functional alcohol carrier. The carrier was put together via folding and structural techniques and does not use any glue – minimizing the production costs and making it easier to recycle. It has linked features that distribute the weight of the bottles evenly and has a wavy shape that prevents breakage. The beer itself was titled Meerbier for the word's resemblance to the term 'beer of the sea' in German, as well as the fact that it sounds like "more beer" in English.

This alcohol carrier's eco-friendly and structured design allows it to set an example for other beer brands.