The AKA24 Concept Car Will Reorient Between Manual and Autonomous Modes

There are a few fascinating things happening within the design of the AKA24 vehicle. This futuristic conveyance offers its user two very different methods of operation, and this decision influences even the positioning of the automobile.

Haowen Deng, Chuang Dong and Zhen Qiu developed this as an innovative entry for the 2014 Driven/Undriven Michelin Design Challenge, yet this concept car surpasses expectations. The system integrates a maglev sort of technology into a single substantial rail, around which the AKA24s can pivot. When you choose manual mode for more control, the vehicle travels horizontally; should you opt for the driverless feature, the car reorients onto one side to take its place in a perpendicular lane. The transparent pod-like cabin of the AKA24 adjusts so that passengers are always comfortably upright.