The airBaltic Seatbuddy is the World's First Airline Social Seating System

The airBaltic SeatBuddy tries to make your travel experience as pleasurable as possible. The Latvian flag carrier airline airBaltic is launching this free service on flights at the end of June. The travel compatibility option pairs you with a flight buddy according to your preferences.

Nothing is worse than getting caught next to a Chatty Kathy on an 8-hour flight when all you want to do is sleep or vice-versa. The SeatBuddy provides a solution by choosing the most compatible seat neighbors.

By logging in and filling out your preferences into the social seating system Satisfly prior to take-off, you will be paired accordingly. The system determines your flight mood and attempts to provide the ideal partner based on interests, similar industries, language, etc.

The system keeps customer information confidential, so the user will only be able to meet their flight partner once they have boarded. Hopefully, leaving you satisflyied.