The 'HuB' Smart Dehumidifier Maintains Optimal Air Moisture Levels

 - Dec 17, 2015
References: yankodesign
The level of air moisture for some people in certain parts of the world can be somewhat unbearable during summer months, so the 'HuB' Smart Dehumidifier is designed to help increase the ambient pleasantness of an environment. Connecting to the users' smartphone via an accompanying app, the 'HuB' Smart Dehumidifier would allow users to set the air moisture level they desire; from here, the appliance would go to work wicking moisture out of the air to the optimal level.

The mobile design of the 'HuB' Smart Dehumidifier allows it to move throughout the home removing air moisture without using too much energy. Able to be totally customized to suit users and home of all kinds, the 'HuB' Smart Dehumidifier is designed by Jinhyuk Kim to be the optimal way to maintain pleasant air moisture levels.