The 'Hybrid Air' Conditions and Purifies the Air within a Home

 - Oct 28, 2016
References: phoenixdesign & yankodesign
Air conditioner units will often work to keep a space cool, but the 'Hybrid Air' is engineered a little differently to help make an environment more comfortable and cleaner. The 'Hybrid Air' keeps an eye on air quality on a consistent basis and will provide clean air as it maintains the temperature for maximum capabilities.

The 'Hybrid Air' is outfitted with self-cleaning functionality that consists of brushes and a UV light that work together to keep the filters clean and disinfected. This aids a more hands-off approach for air conditioner units to ensure that even if users forget to clean the unit regularly that it won't spew dirty air into a living space.

The 'Hybrid Air' air conditioner is the design work of Phoenix Design.