A Piece of AI Artwork Sold for Half a Million Dollars in New York

 - Oct 30, 2018
References: dezeen & luxurylaunches
AI has made a foray into almost every modern industry and 'The Portrait of Edmond Belemy' showcases the technology's ability to create distinct AI artwork. Created by Paris-based art collective Obvious, the AI artwork was recently auctioned at Christie's auction house for nearly half a million dollars. The piece was sold in an original gilded wood frame and depicts a man dressed in a dark frock coat with a white collar showing underneath. The piece even came signed with the mathematical formula used to create it.

The piece itself was created using the Generative Adversarial Network algorithm as well as information from 15,000 portraits. The artwork fed into the AI came from between the 14th and 20th centuries and the new algorithm features distinct capabilities that allow it to differentiate between artwork made by man or machine.

Image Credit: Christie's