Aggression Relieving, Stress-Busting Vacations

 - May 17, 2009
References: concierge
Aggro-tourism, vacations taken to blow-off pent up aggression, are become extremely popular. Concierge magazine has put together this full force list of cool places to release your tension. We’re not taking about spas either; pillow fights in Germany seem to be the tamest stress busting activities on this list.

For $25, you can visit a "semilegal" firing range in Cambodia. $135 gets you a 2 hour course in gladiator school in Rome. You can take stunt school training in London and learn how to fall down the stairs safely for $320. La Tomatina is an annual food street fight in Buñol, Spain involving tones of ripe tomatoes, which would be sure to relive anxiety.

Some other suggestions include demolition derby driving in Kentucky, Air combat school in California and Overt Ops training in Arizona.

My favourite though, is Sarah’s Smash Shack which Trend Hunter has written about previously and is in the related articles below. Don your protective gear and break stuff…lots of stuff.