The After Image Floor Lamp Symbolizes a Korean Custom

 - May 4, 2012
References: monocomplex & plusmood
The After Image Floor Lamp is named after the residue left over by bright lights in the dark of the night. Inspired by one of Korea’s traditional customs, the scene of mouse fire play known as Jui-bool-no-ri in Korean, the light fixture is a mess of red wires that symbolize the flame's residual trail.

Created by Monocomplex, a design studio based in Seoul, South Korea, the After Image Floor Lamp may seem chaotic, but there is a natural beauty in its disorderly design. The natural curve of the bright wires are interestingly kept in check by its black steel frame. Together, these elements depict the continuity and durability of the fire show as well as the floor lamp itself.

The After Image Floor Lamp is particularly great for modern living spaces.