Afishionado Encourages Locally-Caught Sustainable Seafood

 - Mar 7, 2019
References: thecoast & afishionado
Afishionado Halifax Fishmongers' service works on a monthly basis, delivering seafood products that range from the prices of $20-$55 a week. Every delivered portion serves two to eight people and ranges from one to three pounds of produce. Notably, the word 'Afishionado' refers to "a person who is very knowledgable about and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or past time."

At Afishionado Halifax Fishmongers, it is passionate about sustainably sourced seafood, initiating a transparent approach at the entire process. The products are both fresh or freshly frozen, bringing traditional low-impact fishing to customer's plates. All of the fish are sourced locally, building a deeper relationship with the location's small community of fishers and aquaculturists. Some of its products include haddock, yellowfin tuna steak, blue salmon, scallops, mussels, clams, different types of oysters, smoked fish, and accessories as well.